The society of Papigo

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Today' s local people constitute the small society of Papigo, they are these people who went up against the current of deserting the countryside. To this attitude the love and the appreciation shown by visitors, has played its role, the enthusiasts of this corner of Greek land, Greeks and foreigners. Therefore, tourism became as a way of surviving for the natives, a life destination. There was no need for training. The culture of their ancestors which is characterized from the deep sense of hospitality and the cosmopolitan element of their DNA in combination with the dedication to dignity which traditionally is flowered by the mountainous characters, have been nominated automatically qualified hosts.

Hosts, professionals and individuals of Papigo, always willing to help visitor have a great time and to understand the place, the way of life, to admire nature and landscape and to understand the land which they grew up and loved! A significant part of the residents today in Papigo are occupied with traditional livestock breeding producing traditional dairy products and by-products from meat of their livestock.

Furthermore, the occupation with the land in a smaller scale because of the morphology of the ground gives to its residents pure ingredients, vegetables, herbs and fruit which are destined for use in the local restaurants and local households.

The biggest part of the residents are occupied with small or bigger touristic businesses. They dispose modernized, spacious, traditional hostels dining rooms, facilities for sport activities and activities that have to do with nature and touring in the nearby area.

The sheer majority of residents are young people with yearning and love for the place and the willingness to offer to the visitor all these services, information and facilities which will make them to spend his time in Papigo as they wish. Either as a family and peacefully or on a holiday which involve ventures with outdoor activities sush as horseback riding, trekking, climbing in "ovires" or the river and rafting.


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