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Papigo is a village in the Municipality of Ioannina, built in the slopes of Timfi in an altitude 970 metres and consists of 2 settlements, the Small and the Great Papigo. Papigo is one of the most characteristic samples of Zagorician architecture and it has been characterized as traditional settlements.

In the area of Zagori some villages had the historic privilege to have been founded before the Ottoman Empire these is Papigo where significant historical data place its foundation in the Byzantine times. In the written historic documents Papigo is mentioned in a gold seal of the emperor Andronikas II in the year 1325 AD. The first period of prosperity of Papigo in which many historians mention must have taken place before the Ottoman Empire when Papigo had a role of Ruling Community which prevailed in territory which includes the valley of Voidomati until the territory of Konitsa.

From the 15th century till the 18th century exploiting the privileges that had been given in the area of Zagori, it met a big boom of development. Since 1780 there has been a greek school in the village.

With the drop of Ali-Pasa and after the abolishment of the special privileges in the area during the 19th century, the decay began with the emigration of the population. The population continued to diminish and at the beginning of the 20th century even after the Liberation of Ioannina in 1912.

Since 1919, Papigo constituted a separate community which was preserved unchangeable till 2010 and the application of the plan "Kapodistrias" and after that with the application of the plan " Kalikratis". Over the last decades, the population is contained and is increased slightly owing to the great touristic development of the area.



Significant personalities of Education, Sciences and Arts descend from Papigo. Some of them are...



Michael Anagnostopoulos

The Philologist, Director of the Institute for the blind Perkins of Boston and benefactor of Papigo, Micheal Anagnostopoulos (1837-1906).

Γεώργιος Αναγνωστόπουλος

George Anagnostopoulos

Professor of Linguistics, University of Athens (1867-1952).


Zacharias Sardelis

Philologist, journalist and editor of the newspaper «IRIS» in Bucharest (1830-1913).


Christodoulos Tsiotidis

Consul of Greece in Boykoyretsi (1838-1894).


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