Literature in Papigo

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Title: Micheal Anagnostopoulos

With this original biography of national and international benefactor Michael Anagnostopoulos, which published in 1907 and annoyed his enemies abroad, the preacher of Greek values, Frank Sanmporn, defines a super and humane standard of moral beauty and true charity.

Author : Sanmporn Frank


 Title : The Greek Communities

The Ampelakia of Thessalia, Makrinitsa of Pilio, Nimfaio of Frorina, Oia of Santorini, Pagigo of Zagori and Panormos of Tino, are the six communities, six unique examples of traditional architecture,in six different natural environments. Whose six monuments, whice set, successfully, as target,  "to connect the past with the  future", Militos editions present in this album history.A future that is now present and tangible proof of success. Turning the backs on the complacent loneliness of their individuality,"the Greek Communities" turned on the dynamics of collective effort, support and interface, with the ambition, parallel,to make their network exemplary local development model.

Author : Kostis George


Title: Dragon on the snow

In addition to the high mountains of Epirus, there is an Alpine Lake, said Dragolimni, why live there a dragon, patron of the mountain and all goods creatures. A bit more low, in Papigo, once born a bastard child, named, Chris, he had in his soul all the gifts of the Dragon:pride, power, nobility, combativeness. Chris fought himself in life, but when it came to the success and recognition, an unfair accusation the marked with new time stigma. He retired in Papigo to heal his wounds and there appeared an unknown woman straight the snowstorm and stole the heart of the dragon.

Author: Oikonomou Kaiti


Title: Astero, rain girl

When she dies in 1894 in Zakynthos, the Countess Love Martineggou, mother of ten years old Astero, grandmother Eirini, aunt Froso and ungle Stratis, the ship her, along with her 5 year old brother, named Pipi,to spend the summer in their an unknown relative home, which has two children almost same ages. The widow Fanny and her children live away, at the mountains of Ipiros, in Papigo, a village of Zagori (then still part of the Ottoman Empire). The first few weeks are really fabulous and the two children are wonderful, but, suddenly, shortly after the 15th of August, begins a series of very unpleasant surprises. 


Author: Papadaki Christina


Title: The paths of Zagori

Zagori is one of the most beautiful mountain regions of Greece. Mountains, rivers, forests and stone traditional villages compose a scenery of unique beauty, that deserves to be known not only as a simple tourist but as a traveler. With the title "The paths of Zagori" you will get to know the region of Zagori far away from noisy tourist destinations. You walk in the Gorge of Vikos, on the tops of Gamila and discover the old stone paths and bridges that crossed for centuries the inhabitants of Zagori. In he book described, step by step, 300 km. paths, as each destination is described and vice versa, so you can start from any village you are. Easy and difficult routes for hikers of all abilities, will offer you unforgettable impressions.

Author : Kalogirou Antonis


Title: Meet the Zagori 

Meet the Zagori

Author : Zagorianakou - Madridima Nektaria


Title: Unexplored Ipiros

Discover the Ipiros who know the locals. Enjoy the best it has to offer you the most beautiful and least known corner of Greece. Stefanos Psimenos lived four years on the Ipiros and wrote the "Unexplored Ipiros", a packet of information that lead you to the best. Select the only travel guide that offers you:- An informed opinion about the places to visit and places that should better to avoid - Proposals for routes to mountains and forests that noone else has described so far.-Historical data, descriptions of archaeological sites and monuments with enjoyable and understandable language.

Author : Psimenos G. Stefanos


Title: The rivers of Ipiros

The geomorphology of Ipiros is characterized by mountains, plateaus, basins, charades, valleys, streams, rivers and small lowland areas in the coastal areas. However, the main advantages is the natural roads. These roads, which are none other than rivers and their valleys, below, for centuries now, man. The rivers and valleys of Ipiros, and those rivers start from Pindos, presenting, in every respect, a separate interest, not only as natural elements or as landscapes but also as places and roads of cultures. As such places and roads rivers will be the pillars of our browser. 

Author : Nitsiakos Basilis, Arapoglou Mixalis 

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