Distillation of tsipouro

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giorti-tsipourouOn Saturday 10th November the festival of Tsipouro has been accomplished in Papigo.

The overwhelming presense of people, the abundant tsipouro, the cauldrons which constandly produced new, lifted up the good spirits.

The presence of youth was immense as well as friends of Papigo from the neighbouring area and from Ioannina. The highlight of the day was Aristi with its good sprint and its dances. The Local Council would like to thank all of them who helped in the success of the organising this event, the young people of our village and Mrs Paraskevopoulou for providing her spavcious house. Furthermore, we thank two of our residents, Kostas Christodoulou who offered to make “spetsofai” whish was given out and Aris Golidopoulos who while he came from Thessaloniki to have a good time he was all the time in the kitchen and spent his evening serving all the rest of us.




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