Meat Pie

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For the stuffing

1 kilo of meat (lamp or sheep)
1 kilo of onions
A little butter
Salt and pepper

For the 12 sheets of pastry

1 ½ kilo of flour
Salt and pepper


We peel the onions and leave them over night in the water. We fry the meat in the pan with oil , a little butter and a grated onion. As son as the meat gets brown we pour the rest of the onions until they are done with half a teaspoon of salt. We pour water until all ingredients are covered and leave them to boil in a pan with lid. As soon asa they are boiled we strainer all the ingredients and hold the broth separately. We take the bones from the meat, we melt he boiled onion with a fork and we put all of them in a bowl with 1 ½ big spoon from the broth.

From the 12 sheets of pastry we make, the nine we roasted in the oven one by one separately. We keep one and the rest eight we crush them n big pieces.

We spred a baking pan with olive oil and we put over it the 3 roasted sheets. Between the roasted sheets we spred oil and melt butter. Above 3 sheets we put the roasted one. We sprinkle again with broth and put the pieces of meat and the rest roasted sheets.

The pie will be baked in n hour in 200 or 220C in the oven. In half time we will pour the rest of the broth with a spoon.


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