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{jb_infoClick the image above to enjoy a virtual tour of Timfi mountain.{/jb_info}


Swimming in "ovires"

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Between the Great and Small Papigo a ravine carved on the rock, made by nature of indescribable beauty is an attractive spot of nature lovers, a theme – challenge for every photographer and the spot which in the summer is the place which every visitor enjoy mountain dives in the crystal waters which spring from the heart of Pindos!

Horseback riding in Papigo

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Horse Riding for all ages and lovers of knowledge’s in the most beautiful landscapes of Epirus, in Papigo, in the heart of Nature Reserve North Pindos.

Shelter of Astraka

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The climbing shelter of Astraka, is situated in the mountain Timfi in the 1929 metres under the peak of Astraka (2436m) and north of this.

Paths and Routes

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orivasia We gathered all the paths and routes that can follow a visitor! The routes vary in difficulty level and can refer to all age groups. Registered depending on the starting point of each path.

Trekking to Drakolimni

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In the area there are a lot of lakes seasonal and permanent. The mythical Drakolimni is the biggest lake in the nature Reserve in an altitude of 2.050m.

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