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ekdiloseisPapigo a loyal to its traditions, as the other villages of the area, each year celebrates with two traditional festivals. In the Great Papigo on the eve and the day to the Pofit of Elias -19th & 20th July- there is a festival with traditional music and food for each visitor and the feast goes on till morning. In the Small Papigo on the day of Birth Of Mary – 8th September- there is a similar traditional festival.

At the same time, the local authorities each year and especially in the summer months organize art exhibitions theatrical plays and music events known in the winter area and attract a great number of visitors.

Apart from the organizing the events by the local authorities and their initiatives, Papigo because of the important and modem infrastructure, attracts organizations and events such as conventions, races, festivals, commercial exhibitions and festivities even other events such as weddings and christenings. The businessmen and residents of Papigo have given exams and they have responded in the service and welcoming all he events with success.

The lad planned position of Papigo offers the privilege to be a point of reference fo the Annual Mountain Marathon and great climbing meetings.

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