Trekking to Drakolimni



In the area there are a lot of lakes seasonal and permanent. The mythical Drakolimni is the biggest lake in the nature Reserve in an altitude of 2.050m.

It is an alpine lake which owns its existence in the glaciers, which had existed in the area for about 10.000 years. It bears its name from a local legend according which, the depth of the lake was unmeasured and its waters there was a fierce dragon.

The truth through is that the depth of the lake does not exceed the 5 metres and its water small aquatic lizards live which do not exceed in size the 10 centimetres. It is about the alpine triton, a rave species of amphibian with a dorsal fin which reminds in smaller scale the dragon of the fairytales. On the right and on the left of Drakolimni the peaks of Astraka (2.435m) and Gamila (2.497m) stand upright.

The daring visitors of the area can swim in the lakes during the summer months.