Drakolimni (2050 m.)

Papigo - Mountaineering shelter - Drakolimni (2050 m.)
Degree of difficulty: easy
Time of course: 4.15'
Labelling: 03

The route for the shelter and then for Drakolimni starts from Small Papigo (alt. 980 m.). It has an eastern direction and on a shapely path it goes through the fountains Avragonia, Antalki, Trafo and Krouna.
It is the most relaxed and full of fountains route to the shelter.
The shelter can be reached within 3 hours and passing through the shielings Tsoumani and the Xeroloutsa and the little lake Rizina on your left, you can reach Drakolimni in 1 hour and 15 minutes.
The route to the shelter is signalled with a white plate, having in its interior a red rhomb with the code 03.

See also the sketch of routes.