Vikos Gorge

One of the biggest, deeper and most impressive gorges of the world is the gorge of Vikos, with vertical geological formations, big variety and alternation of different ecosystems as well as banquet of flora and fauna. It constitutes one of the few remaining havens of wild life in Europe.

The gorge of Vikos is situated in the south-west of Kamila, in an altitude between 550 and 1778 m.. It has a length of roughly 24 km and an average depth of 900 m.. The beginning of the gorge is near the village Tsepelovo. Many think that its beginning is near the village Monodentri, something which is wrong as this assumption fails to include the rest of the gorge, the famous Vikaki (Little Vikos). The end of gorge is behind the village Vitsiko, near the bridge of Aristi of Papigo.

The direction of the gorge is from to south-east to north-west. Somewhere in the middle it is joined with another big gorge, the Big Lakkos, considered to be its ramification, and with the gorge of Mezaria ending to the village Vradeto. The river Voidomatis and its sources are in the ravine.

The rock of Vikos is mainly limestone with local layers of flishi. The tetartogeneis shapings are impressive with alluvial rivers, as in the Voj!domati and kalluvia limestones, that were created by depositions of old glaciers.

Its climate is continental - hot summers with many local rains and cold winters. In the winter the temperature is usually rather low.