Fairs in Papigo

In Zagori, from the Ottoman domination until today, each village has had its own fair with which it usually celebrates its protector saint. In Big Papigo the fair takes place on the 20th of July, the celebration day of Agios Ilias, and in Small Papigo on the 8th of September, the celebration day of Panagia of Paliouri. Some years ago more fairs were held: the one of Agia Kiriaki (7 July), the one of Agios Panteleimonas (27 July) and the one of the Taxiarches (8 November).

Today many people attend the fair of the Big Papigo which maintains its traditional "colour". Those who visit Papigo on the 20th of July have the chance of enjoying traditional music, chosen titbits and above all good company.