The need for water supply of two districts of Papigo combined with the taste of the residents enriched the village with many stone-made fountains.
The most famous of all is the fountain "Avragonia" in Small Papigo which became known in all the country through the folk songs. Other elaborate stone fountains can be found in Big Papigo, "Pigadia" and "Siopoto".

In Small Papigo there are also the ''Aidonovrisi'' (''Nightingale fountain'') surrounded by green and the fountain "Kostaki" in the centre of the settlement.

Other famous fountains are the ones on the path to Vikos and the ones on the way to the shelter: Antalaki (at 1250 m.), Trafos (at 1550 m.), Krouna (at 1750 m.) and Houhlakas at 1300 m. which supplies the village with water.