Due to the terrain of the ground, the frequent rainfalls and the snowfalls that created a lot of streams and rivers, the residents of Zagori were forced to create an infrastructure of streets and bridges that facilitated access to the villages and transport. Paved roads (cobbled roads), scales, paths and more than 100 bridges, signal life in Zagori.

In Papigo there are two stone bridges. The biggest one is between Small and Big Papigo, in the position of La'kkos. It is has one stringer and connects the two settlements with the old path. It was built in 1854 by Anastasios Lolis.

The other bridge in Mpoulougounsa is much smaller and is next to the blacktop road just before the turn on the way to Big Papigo.

The stringered concrete bridge above the river Voidomatis was built with the money of the local people in 1923 and connects Aristi with Papigo.