The school building of Big Papigo is next to the church of Agios Vlassios. It was erected in 1897 on the expenses of Micheal Polihroniou, as it is reported on a fixture plate in the courtyard.

Up until 1971 there were two schools in Small and Big Papigo. Today, there is only a primary school in Big Papigo.

The biggest contribution to its operation and economic survival was made by the benefactor of Papigo Micheal Anagnostopolos, who in 1888 founded in Papigo the "Kallinia" Schools, the sholarhio, two primary schools-one in Big and one in Small Papigo- and a kindergarten in the memory of his mother Kallini.

Anagnostopoulos's important library of 1200 volumes, which was transported from Boston to Papigo is accommodated today in the school building. Many of the volumes that the library originally had are preserved up until now, while some of them were destroyed during the war.