The Community of Papigo remained autonomous after the administrative reformation of the law 2539/97 ("Kapodistria Law "). The community is governed by an administrative council constituted by the chairman and six members.

"The Communities of the Greeks"

In December 1997 the National Network of Cultural Tradition and Community Life of "the Communities of the Greeks" was created in Pilio, aiming at the preservation of the tradition of folk architecture and folk culture as well as at the gradual growth and protection of natural environment.
The Network includes six traditional settlements of our homeland: Ampelakia in Thessali, Makrynitsa in Pilio, Nimfeo in Florina, Ia in Santorini, Panormo in Tinos and Papigo in Zagorj.
The Network aspires to highlight the local, cultural and residential distinctiveness of the aforementioned communities and to point out that gradual growth and environmental protection are integral values of modern life.

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