Even before the Turkish conquest of Zagori, local travellers were buying and sending books and were building schools and girls' schools. Papigo has a lot of benefactors and donors, more than 73. Micheal Anagnostopoulos, Diochno Ntaska, Micheal Polihroniou and Anastasios Zortovoulos were great benefactors of the village.

Micheal Anagnostopoulos

The great benefactor of Papigo, Micheal Anagnostopoulos, widely known as Michael Anagnos, was born in Papigo in 07/11/1837 by very poor parents, Dimitrios and Kallina Anagnostopoulos. He finished primary school in Papigo and continued his studies in the Zosimea School Of Ioannina and in the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Athens. In 1861 he was acclaimed Dr. of Philosophy with the degree of "distinction". He worked as journalist and managing editor in the newspaper "Ethnofilakas", strongly supporting the Cretan Revolution.

In 1866 he met the phihellene Dr. Sammuel Hower, director of the Boston Institute of the Blind. And in 1867 he followed him to America, where as his assistant he taught Latin in the Institute. In 1876 he became the director of the Institute and a specialised teacher, since he came up with the embossed alphabet system for the blind and founded the model kindergarten and the special printing-house.

Micheal Anagnostopoulos died in Tourno Severin of Romania, in 29/06/1906. According to his will, his bequest is managed by a committee of men of Papigo. With the money of his bequest the school in Papigo has been functioning and the Agricultural Faculty in Konitsa has been built. With the income raised from the buildings remarkable works are done in the community every year.

Great men

Important scholars, artists and scientists come from Papigo: M. Anagnostopoulos (1837 - 1906), literature master and director of the Perkins Boston Institute of the Blind, Zaharias Sardelis (1830 - 1913), literature master, journalist and editor of the newspaper "IRIS" in Bucharest, George Anagnostopoulos (1867 - 1952), professor of linguistics in the University Athens and the Hristodoulos Tsiotidis (1838 - 1894), consul of Greece in Bucharest.