The people

The difficult conditions of existence and the mountainous land were decisive factors leading to the development and preservation of Zagori until nowadays. Based on both the natural environment and on the needs of ever day life of the residents, the requirements that made people adapt to the needs of every era were created in this hard environment. Thus, the course of emigration started scattering most of the population in every part of the world.

The men of Papigo, also following the path of emigration, prospered and embellished Papigo with rich houses and public buildings. They mostly emigrated to Romania and particularly to Tourno Severin, to Serbia as well as to America. Those who stayed in the village created a dynamic society of farmers, cattle-breeders, businessmen, schoolteachers and scientists. Important aid in the local population was also offered by the cattle-breeders Sarakatsanoi, who settled in Papigo during the '30s and contributed both to economically and culturally. Today, most residents work on tourism and a very small part of them works on the livestock farming. Since 1821 when the first reports are dated, the population of the two districts was 735 people. Later reports present 332 residents in 1927,.280 residents in 1940,.215 residents in 1961, 160 residents in 1971.. residents in 1981,.183 residents in 1991 and 360 residents and 180 houses in 2001. Papigo is one of the few places in our country that during the ' 80s its population stared growing having doubled today.