The fauna of the region is rich too. It should be noted here that almost all the rare birds and mammals of the mountains that face the dander of extinction are hosted in the woodland surrounding Papigo. It is estimated that in the wider region 133 species of birds, 24 species of mammals, 10 species of amphibians and 21 species of reptiles live.

In the region there are also many species of birds: the vasilaetos (aquila heliaca), the hrisaetos (aquila chrysaetos), the asproparis (neophron percnopterus), the fidaetos (circaetus gallicus), the maurotsiklitara (dryocopus Martius), the rock partridge (alectoris graeca), the wood pigeon (columba palumbus), the screech owl (otus scops), the vounostahara (arus melba), the hionada (eremophila alpestris), the martin (ptynoprogne rupestris), the maurolemis (saxicola tortouata), the blackbird (turbus merula), etc. Most bird species are rare and thus protected with the Directive 85/411/EEO of the European Union.

There is also a big variety of mammals that live in the area: the hedgehog (erinaceus concolov), the wild goat (rupicapra rupicapra), the hare (lepus capensis), the squirrel (sciupus vulgaris lilaeus), the weasel (mustela nivalis), the marten (Marches foina), the badger (meles meles), the wolf (canis lupus), the fox (vulpes vulpes), the bear (ursus arctos), the wildcat (felis sylvestris) and the roe deer (capreolis capreolis).

Finally one can find amphibians like the triton (triturus alpestris and cristatus), the salamander (salamandra salamandra), the bullfrog (rana temporaria) and the colour toad (bufo bufo).