Medicinal plants

From the Byzantium era to nowadays Vikos and the wider region has been known for its medicinal plants, the therapeutic attributes of which are known worldwide. The residents of the nearby villages collected these plants and made various quackeries. Some of them became commercial doctors, named Vikogiatroi or Kompogiannites, because they kept their herbs tied up in knots of handkerchiefs.

These doctors became known in all the Ottoman Empire and many of them settled permanently in Istamboul. Famous Vikogiatroi of Papigo were Cornelio and Zortovoulos.

Today, more than 250 medicinal types have been recorded in the wider region with the mountain tea, the mint, the sow thistle, the sage, the conium and the ellevoros being the most characteristic.

For more information, you can visit the "Data Base on the Medicinal Plants of the National Woodland of Vikos - Aoos" of the Laboratory of Botany, Department of Biological Applications and Technologies, University of Ioannina. The data base is also available to the public in the Papigo Information Centre of WWF Hellas.