National Park

The mountainous ecosystems of N. Pindos for centuries have contributed to the survival of man and defined the type of activities developed in the area.

The preservation of these ecosystems, in combination with the need for gradual development and compatible human activities, resulted in the foundation of the National Park of Northern Pindos and of the Institution of Management by the state in July 2002.

The National Park of Northern Pindos includes four distinguishable anthropogeographical units: Zagori, Konitsa, Metsovo and the western villages of the prefecture of Grevena. Its extent is roughly 2.200 km2 and incorporates the two already existing national woodlands, Vikos - Aoos and Pindos, with the rest of the area.

In the National Park, depending on the areas of protection, human activity is allowed and traditional and outdoorsy activities, light tourism and environmental education are encouraged.

Given that the region is large it was necessary to set certain protection zones that incorporate the needs of environmental protection as well as the productive activities. These zones are the areas of nature protection, the areas of preservation of biotopes and species, the regions of the National Park and the peripheral zone.

It should it is noted here that Papigo and the village Vikos are the only villages of National Park, that are located within the area of environmental protection.