In the Alpine plateaux in Vikos and in the area surrounding Papigo, more than 1700 species and subspecies of flora have been recorded. Five endemic types have been discovered that cannot be found anywhere elsewhere in the world. These are the following: silene intonsa, saxifraga biflora epirotica, calium sacrorum, hieracium dasycrapedum and hieracium necopium.

Particularly rare and protected types in Vikos and in the wider region of the woodland are the viola (viola) with 12 types, the geranium (geranium) with 18 types, the vernicle (veronica) with 16 types, the canterbury bell (campanula) with 14 types, the sedo (sedum) with 14 types and the saxifraga with 13 types.

The Lilly (lillium - chalkedonicum and heldraigchi) with its red colour, the lilly (martagon) with its pink colour and the white lilly (candidum), are a unique chromatic presence in the woodland.

The rare flora is supplemented by ramonta the Serbian (ramoda serbica) with its pink - purple colours, iris the Germaninc of blue colour, and the white narcissus (narcissus poeticus) as well as the many types of the rare orhchid (ophrys sphegodes, orchis simian, dactyloriza sambucina).